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I have utmost, absolute respect for Bruce Schneier (man you're a hero for the planet) but this is one time you should check your sources.

In space, battles with enemy flotillas and tasks for capturing criminals are expected. The main distinguishing feature of No Man's Sky, on which the authors repeatedly emphasized, is the scale. I've noticed a couple of inaccuracies in this article that have remained there for over a year. I got tired of waiting and fixed them myself, but I'd of course like the community to verify the edit to protect against unconscious bias: I'm saying if I was coordinating the event and I identified a Draft that needs to be promoted and the creator had such a fragile ego they can't wait or let someone else do the move I might consider logging into my own account and having the… The son of a sailor, 5-year-old Sosuke lives a quiet life on an oceanside cliff with his mother Lisa. One fateful day, he finds a beautiful goldfish t